A Strategic Transformation Towards

Smart Hospital

We help hospitals to create a “wow experience” to patients and bring the administration and staff to higher operational efficiency

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Dec 04

We are excited to announce that Mr Bernard Sinnaiah, is joining as one of the directors of Arogya. We proudly welcome him to the team.
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Oct 22

Arogya Lightning module is a smart hospital workflow management platform that transforms the hospital internal operations to a digital platform and improves the day to day interaction of the hospital staff.
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Jul 10

Following on from the successful implementation of Arogya’s system in Hema’s hospitals, we got an opportunity to repeat our success formula in the Singhe hospital, Ratnapura.
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Experience Our Products

  • Lightning
  • Magma
  • Heartbeat
  • Stethoscope
  • Radar

The Smart Hospital Platform

An integrated patient-centric workflow management platform to help hospitals to transform smart with greater operational efficiency and clinical

The Hospital API Layer

A powerful hospital API layer with FHIR interoperability to utilize the hospital’s untouched data in business effective and multiplex manner.

The Patient Mobile Web App

A patient touch point progressive web app for hospitals to enhance and increase digital interactions with their patient base.

The Doctor Mobile App

An app that really works for a doctor to digitally involve with patients, to manage the timing and to keep medical records doctor’s own way

The Business & Medical Intelligence

AI that finds answers in a hospital context what impacts the revenue and, in a medical context to improve the patient health

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