Another feather in Arogya’s cap
July 10, 2019 0

Following on from the successful implementation of Arogya’s system in Hema’s hospitals, we got an opportunity to repeat our success formula in the Singhe hospital, Ratnapura.

Singhe Hospital, Rathnapura

Singhe Hospitals is a BOI approved fully-fledged private hospital established to provide better healthcare services to the community in Sabaragamuwa Province.

Today, undoubtedly Singhe is the leading healthcare provider in Ratnapura. Singhe Hospital offers customers a 24-hour healthcare service in a fully air-conditioned six-storeyed building located at the heart of Ratnapura. Singhe Hospitals consists of Ultra-Modern Teachers, Labor Rooms, Maternity Wards, ETU and CT Scanning together with ICU / NICU facilities for the first time in Ratnapura.

Arogya Lightning to Singhe Hospital

Singhe hospitals well matched Arogya’s strategic decision to the next big account after Hemas hospital, considering geographic reach and product road map plans. The initial discussion was good over the last two months. And there were some demos for the operational management team explaining the capacity of Arogya’s smart concept and the business impact which Singhe really wants and why it can really make sense for them to switch from their current systems to Arogya Lightning.

Singhe, visit to experience Arogya Lightning Channelling at HEMAS

Singhe hospitals impressed and we invited Singhe to visit our past customers, specially Hemas to witness the smart concept, the operational enhancements, wow experience and the business impacts which we can’t show just by some screens and demos, in a day.

This visit was welcomed by Hemas too and it was a full day session with a walk over the system in use, the process, and practice enhancements and the KPI we achieved over an year there. Thanks for Hemas and staffs for sharing the experience and that really values a lot for Arogya and our partnership.

The Smart Singhe Hospital plan

Singhe Hospital is starting implementation by coming months with Lightning channeling and also agreed over the next year to move Arogya medical inventory and pharmacy system and gradually to convert their Singhe laboratory to Arogya’s lightning smart laboratory workflows aligning both side’s the smart digital road maps.